I don’t ask clients for testimonials but they often give me feedback about how I’ve helped and supported them.

“Working with you has been excellent… It was very very good to have someone to talk to about what was happening in my life and to feel you could understand and  support me emotionally.”

“For the first time in my life I’m learning how to talk about my feelings. I was taught it’s not what men do… It’s not all plain sailing but I feel happier and my relationships with my partner, family and friends all feel warmer and closer. It’s like the difference between an old black and white portable tv and a 4K Ultra-HD one!”

You’ve changed my life. I was angry and frightened when I came to see you. You quickly saw that. I was lost and you gave me a map. I can find it difficult to open up but with you it was different. I always found you completely non-judgemental. You understand men; especially violent men.  Their trauma, their shadow and their spirituality.”

“I’ve gained so much through our sessions together. I’m much clearer about my feelings, how to say what I need and when to say, ‘No’… You let me work at a pace that was right for me. Sometimes I wanted you to push me along but in hindsight I can see how important it was that you didn’t do that.”

“Thank you so much for the work we have done together. I often walked away calmer, clearer and energised. You are a gift!”

“I’ve needed this support for such a long time but didn’t want to admit it. I thought I had boundaries in place in my life and I could never do what I did. Drop by drop by drop I’ve learned how to hold my boundaries. I’m much better at that now.”

“You helped so much to guide me to a place and a path that I now feel comfortable to follow.”

“I’ve had some really important insights. Working with you has been really helpful. It’s made me stop and think and see my life in a different way.”

“I’ve gained peace of mind; with myself and with my life.”

“Life changing! At times it’s not been easy but the changes have been much greater than I could have imagined.”

“Working with you has been excellent. I feel much happier and have a much better sense of how to live my life.”

“You have helped me to find my own voice. I am much clearer about what’s important to me and the choices I need to make.”

“One of the best things is that you listened to what I had to say without judging or fixing. To have a safe space where I could talk and say what I needed to say has been so important for me.”

“I feel I’m able to articulate myself much more clearly now… It’s like the different parts of me are all in the same room having a conversation and not confused and scattered all over the place.”