My approach


Being able to speak about life’s difficulties in a respectful and supportive environment can help you explore and clarify what is in your life that requires attention. Life’s difficulties are not just problems to be overcome but part of a movement to a greater understanding and integration of ourselves.

Trauma is not what happens to us but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.” Dr Peter Levine, Trauma expert and founder of ‘Somatic Experiencing’

It’s through our relationships with other people that we uncover who we are. My work and personal experience has shown me that people grow through supportive and caring relationships and that the healing of deep wounds is possible. I pay close attention to the quality of our relationship in the present moment and encourage the quiet voices within to claim their space. This give us the opportunity to explore your feelings and emotions, finding ways to articulate yourself clearly, the repeating patterns of behaviour, the choices you make and, how to live a more rewarding life. I look for a balance between providing a supportive and warm environment, and being challenging when needed. In this way we can develop a supportive and honest relationship whilst adhering to professional boundaries.

It is feeling not thought that takes time.” Anthony Gormley, sculptor

I work with all of your experiences (thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations) as a way of helping you gain more understanding of yourself and the underlying issues related to your challenges. Some of our wounding is difficult to remember but is held in our body as tension, aches and pains. When appropriate I offer space for these feelings and sensations for us to appreciate their place in your story. Dreams, poems, drawing and imagery can also help us open to what is beginning to emerge into awareness.

“The past shapes the present… the present shapes your future.”

We will spend time exploring the past influences that formed you, your experience of your present life as it, and how to shape your future by becoming clearer about who you are and, what gives real meaning and satisfaction to you. In time a sense of clarity emerges and you will feel freer to move towards a more satisfying life with a greater sense of well-being, confidence and clarity.

“Mindfulness can help us come into relationship with ourselves, like we would with a friend we care deeply about. To explore how we actually feel, how it is to be ‘me’ right now, without all the judgements that we can get caught up in.”

When appropriate I use mindfulness and somatic (body) awareness exercises to help you become more attuned to your authentic self. Mindfulness helps us become more aware of how we are in the present moment and can give us support in times of uncertainty. Through mindfulness you can become more aware of your bodily sensations, your emotions and thereby learn to trust your intuitive responses to life. With awareness comes a sense of freedom in how we respond to ourselves, life’s challenges and other people.

My approach is trauma informed. I’ve trained with Peter Levine and Babette Rothschild – two of the leading experts in the field. I have experience of working with people with a wide range of trauma related issues, such as, violent sexual assault (including rape), childhood sexual abuse (including incest), physical violence, emotional abuse, road traffic accidents and life changing injuries.

I welcome diversity of all kinds. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming and hold space to explore the complexities of identity. My pronouns are he/him.

Testimonials from previous clients.


Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt a blessed illusion!
That a spring flowed
inside my heart.
I said, along which secret channels
do you come to me?
Water of new life
that I have never tasted.

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt a blessed illusion!
That there was a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white wax
and sweet honey
with my old failures.

Antonio Machado, Spanish poet